Happy Tuesday everyone! For the past 9 months, Brisa, Paxton and I have been training, nurturing and developing the newest La Brisa Photographer, Adalyn Bel Hsieh! She is as stubborn as the three of us combined, she loves to sleep and she loves to snuggle. We are over the moon in love with her!

Baby Sister’s Birth Story

Baby Sister (that’s what P called her) was a breech baby. She refused to turn on her own and so we scheduled a C-section. As with her entire pregnancy, Baby Shea Hsieh (that’s what I called her and threatened to name her) worked on her own schedule and Brisa went into labor the day before our appointment. After a brief visit in triage, the team at Women’s Center at Northwest Medical Center whisked Brisa into an emergency C-section. Thankfully, I was able to join them in the surgery suite and everything went smoothly!

After having a vaginal delivery for Paxton, Baby Girl Hsieh’s C-section delivery was a vastly different experience. One minute, Brisa is pregnant and eight minutes later, the nurse is showing us our baby over the drape. It was surreal!

Baby Sister Gets a Name!

As with Paxton, we had a list of 10-15 names going into the hospital. Brisa and I figured we couldn’t name her until we saw her. She was nameless for about 24 hours. We even asked the social security person to come back the next day to give us more time to figure out her name. It wasn’t until Brittany, aka, the best nurse ever, made Baby Shea Hsieh this bow beanie that we finally knew what we wanted to name her…Adalyn Bel Hsieh.

newborn Adalyn smiling in hospital crib

Paxton actually suggested her name to us awhile back. He loves the documentary Penguins (highly recommended!) and wanted to name Baby Sister, Adeline, after one of the main characters. While Brisa and I didn’t quite love the name Adeline, we played around with various forms of it and we both fell in love with Adalyn (rhymes with Madilynn). We also love that P had a role in naming his sister! Her middle name Bel is in honor of Brisa’s grandpa, Belmont, who always went by Bel.

Adalyn Comes Home!

47 hours after Brisa was admitted to triage, we were home. For the entire pregnancy, P was excited for the Amazon truck to deliver her to our house. When we arrived home, we rang the doorbell so that P thought a package was being delivered. Watch the quick video to see how P and my parents met Adalyn for the first time!

P immediately gave his Baby Sister kisses!

Pork Bun and Tacocat sniffed Adalyn with distracted interest before going back to sleep. Hatch, on the other hand, LOVES Adalyn so much! Anytime she’s within reach, he’ll give her as many kisses as he can until one of us tells him to stop!

One of our favorite photos of P and Adalyn!

grandpa holding newborn granddaughter while watching tv
grandma and grandpa admiring newborn granddaughter
desert photo of grandma with newborn baby girl

Maternity Photos with Pure in Art Photography!

We decided fairly last minute to do maternity photos, but we are so thankful that we did! A huge thanks to Tina of Pure in Art Photography for squeezing us into her schedule! Throughout the years, we’ve been fortunate to have Tina document our family and she exceeds our expectations every time!

pure in art photography
pure in art photography
pure in art photography
pure in art photography

Our Family is Now Complete!

After a journey that we wouldn’t wish on anyone, our family is now complete. We are smitten with our little Addie Bel. She is such a blessing to us. As with Paxton, our purpose is to raise Adalyn immersed in laughter and to instill the importance of loving her neighbors as much as she loves herself.

desert sunset photo of mixed race family of four
mom looking at newborn Adalyn at sunset
big brother sitting next to newborn baby sister
newborn baby feet in black and white
Adalyn wearing rainbow horizontal stripped onesie
Adalyn wearing The Ollie Swaddle
Adalyn sleeping on boppy
4 photo collage of Adalyn's family

After loving our pregnancy experience with Paxton, we decided to keep Adalyn’s pregnancy a secret as well. Due to several miscarriages in the past, as well as Brisa and I both had Covid-19 earlier this summer, we never wanted to make any assumptions of how this pregnancy would end. We told family and a few close friends and thanks to the pandemic, nobody ever saw us anyway.

Thank you everyone for your love and support. Brisa and I are once again overwhelmed with gratefulness and joy.


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