We’ve only raised $561.14 towards our $1,000 goal for the latest Photography For a Cause event called #PPE4PE where 100% of print profits will be donated to the non-profit, DonorsChoose, for PPE projects requested by teachers. They need our help to keep their students and themselves protected as much as possible during this global pandemic. Please help me, help our educators, by purchasing my landscape/animals photographs or by donating directly to Donors Choose!

Regardless of your politics, schools are opening for face to face learning all across the country. I want to help as many teachers, administrators and students be as protected as possible. Due to my own personal experience, I hope no teacher, administrator, faculty, staff, etc have to go through it. So if you’re working in education and need PPE, please create a project on Donors Choose and let me know so I can hopefully fund it through Photography For a Cause!

My Covid-19 Personal Experience

I had COVID-19. Thankfully, it was a milder form of it and I didn’t need hospitalization. That being said, it kicked my ass. Ridiculously lethargic. Simultaneously sweating and cold. Intermittent fever. Pounding headache. Body aches. Loss of smell (which is the strangest symptom!). I feel like I’m fairly healthy without any pre-existing conditions and I struggled mightily. 4+ weeks after my symptoms started, I’m feeling close to 100%.

Brisa was infected at work. We didn’t quarantine Brisa from P or me. It was difficult because we have a 3 year old, plus, initially, we didn’t know if she had it. Brisa was tested on a Saturday and received her results the following Thursday. My similar symptoms started exactly one week after her symptoms began. Once I got sick, we didn’t feel like it was necessary nor worth the risk of exposing others to get me tested because Brisa already tested positive. Honestly, I thought I was asymptomatic/immune because I felt fine for so long after she got sick.

In my first week of symptoms, I was bedridden and I lost 8 pounds. Days 8-14, I was functional, but had zero energy. Days 14-21, I got better everyday, but still needed naps to get through the day (I never nap, normally). Days 21-28, I finally started feeling like myself again! 4+ weeks later, Brisa and I still randomly get flareups of our covid symptoms (cough, sore throat, headaches, fatigue, etc), but they only last for a few hours. The only medicine we took was tylenol and we drank a TON of fluids.

We never quarantined P. He was kissing/hugging us and sharing our food/drinks the entire time. He never showed any symptoms (or lack of energy for that matter). It wasn’t an option for us to have someone watch him while we recovered because we didn’t want to expose anyone else. He’s been totally healthy the entire time, little humans are amazing.

Tested positive for covid antibodies last week so I donated plasma yesterday. Hopefully it helps whoever needs it! Wear a mask. Stay healthy. Covid sucks. #LoveOverHate


The photographs are separated into galleries by geographical regions. Here is a preview of the fine art images from each gallery. Go to to view all of my animal, fine art and travel photographs.

AFRICAGod's Window

Costa Rica Sunset

Portland Lighthouse Sunrise
Cafe Du Monde Beignets
WEST – UNITED STATESAlaska Princess Cruise Juneau


Until August 20th, 2020, I will be selling my fine art and travel photographs. A 4″x6″ photograph is only $6.00! My goal is to raise $1,000 for #PPE4PE!

Go to to view all of my fine art and travel photographs. You can order photographs from multiple galleries simply by adding individual images to your shopping cart. Photographs can be delivered anywhere in the United States and are fantastic gifts!

  1. Go to and click on one of the galleries
  2. Scroll down through the images and select the photograph(s) you’d like to purchase
  3. In the lower right corner of the page, click “BUY”
  4. If you’d like to purchase multiple images, click “Photos from this Gallery”
  5. If you’d like to purchase one specific image, click “This Photo”
  6. Select Wall Art (Canvas = photo is printed on heavy duty canvas and wrapped around wood frame, ready to hang, Mounted = photo is mounted on 2mm thick lightweight matboard or Standout = photo is mounted lightweight foam banded with a black edge, ready to hang) or Paper Prints
  7. Select the print size
  8. Select a finish: Lustre = matte finish and Metallic = glossy finish on metallic paper (my recommendation for these images!)
  9. Click “Add to Cart”
  10. Upon checkout, you designate where you want the photographs to be shipped
  11. Keep adding as many photographs from the various galleries and then pay securely with your credit card when you’re ready to checkout!


Until August 20th, I will be donating 100% of profits from your online galleries as well! If you’ve been waiting to purchase professional prints from your wedding or portrait session, now is your time! Go to La Brisa Client Galleries to buy your photos!!!

As always, thank you for your continued love and support by purchasing and sharing my fine art and travel photographs!

~ Chris

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