Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! As we bunker in isolation and solitude with the Coronavirus pandemic, I’ve created the Going Viral Daily Photography Challenge for the next two weeks to unleash your creativity and have a little fun! Interpret the challenges as you see fit!

Everyone is welcome to participate! The challenges were created with all ages and skill levels in mind. Whether you have a disposable camera or the most expensive Leica to everything in between, join us! Don’t take it too seriously and be creative! Hopefully this will provide a momentary distraction for you, your kids, your friends and your family. Let’s share photos, not the virus! Tag #GVDPC so others can see your photos too!

What a crazy time we live in. Thinking of all you healthcare workers, essential workers and grocery/pharmacy workers. Thank you for everything you’re doing for the rest of us! Hopefully the Going Viral Daily Photography Challenge offers you a little bit of an outlet during this unprecedented and terrifying outbreak.

~ Chris

50 State Goal!

One of my goals is to photograph a wedding in all 50 states. If you’re getting married in one of the 11 states (see below) I have left, please contact me and I’ll offer you an incredible discount to photograph your wedding! #50Weddings50StatesGoal

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