Yesterday, I had the privilege of photographing my friend, Frank, compete in the TriZona Super Sprint and MEGA Sprint Triathlon at the JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort and Spa in Tucson, AZ!

This was Frank’s first ever triathlon and he participated in the team relay with two of his co-workers. He had been talking up this triathlon for awhile and so I wanted to help document his race. As I watched people of all shapes, sizes and ages attempt, endure and complete the triathlon, I felt incredibly lazy =)

The best part of the triathlon was how all of the participants started the swim portion by going down the waterslide! Some people were unfortunately serious about going down the slide, while others took the opportunity to revel in the moment. Naturally, Frank, was of the latter group and he started his triathlon the right way!

As Frank transitioned from swimming to cycling to running, he possessed a steely-eyed determination that I know he applies to everything he does. With a knowing smile or nod every time he spotted me along the course, my favorite image is how he embraced his family after completing his first triathlon! Congrats buddy!

~ Chris

More of my images from the event @ TriZona Starr Pass Triathlon
Images from GoatOGRAPHER by clicking HERE.
View event images from two talented Cienega High School students by clicking HERE.

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TriZona Starr Pass Triathlon Photos

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