Happy Wednesday everyone! A preview of Maddie and Eric’s Pusch Ridge engagement photos is featured on the La Brisa blog!

Maddie & Eric | Engaged!

Maddie and Eric recently married and I was fortunate enough to photograph their Pusch Ridge engagement photos at the Linda Vista Trail!

These two met at Pusch Ridge Christian Academy. They both were athletes and they actually practiced for cross country at the Linda Vista Trail where we did their engagement session! Maddie is incredibly kind, sweet and humble. She possesses an elegant grace that is evident through her words, her demeanor and her movements. Eric is sublimely calm, analytical and ridiculously athletic. He’s working to become a civil engineer. She’s working to help people via a non-profit. Maddie and Eric’s future is phenomenally bright!

My favorite moment from their engagement Attraction Session was when instead of continuing to hike in her wedges, Maddie went up the trail barefoot. Eric offered to help her, but she politely declined and kept on hiking. Her toughness and tenacity is inspiring. His chivalry is commendable. It was that moment from our time together that showed me so much about who they are as a couple.

Thank you again for trusting me with your Pusch Ridge engagement photos! I hope you love them!!!

~ Chris

50 State Goal!

One of my goals is to photograph a wedding in all 50 states. If you’re getting married in one of the 12 states (see below) I have left, please contact me and I’ll offer you an incredible discount to photograph your wedding!

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Preview photos of The F Family’s Joy Session!


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