Happy Wednesday everyone! A preview of Ashley and Chris’ winery engagement in Fredericksburg, TX is featured on the La Brisa blog!

Ashley & Chris

You may recognize Ashley! I photographed her and her beautiful horses in Richmond, TX back in 2013 – Ashley | Style Session | Richmond, TX!

Well, I was thrilled when Ashley contacted me about photographing her and Chris’ engagement and wedding in Fredericksburg, TX! I was treated to a behind the doors access to Becker Vineyards (where they are having their rehearsal dinner) and Featherstone Ranch (where they are getting married)! As we explored both venues, I was constantly laughing. Ashley and Chris are hilarious together. After 4 years of being together (thanks to Tinder!), there aren’t many secrets between the two and their familiarity with each other is incredibly sweet and endearing.

My favorite thing about Ashley and Chris is how genuine they are with each other. Each glance is a knowing one. Every touch is comforting. And each insult is pointed and hilarious. Quite simply, they just get each other and it is beautiful.

Thank you again for trusting me with your winery engagement photos! I hope you love them!!!

~ Chris

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Preview photos of Ashley and Chris’ winery engagement photos!

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