Hatch Chile Hsieh
Born 2019.02.20

Hi everyone!

Please allow me to introduce you to the newest member of the La Brisa Family, Hatch Chile Hsieh aka Hatch aka Hatchy Patchy aka Hatchy Apache aka Monster aka Pooper! Yes, we named him after our favorite chile. Hatch is now 12 weeks old and he’s 100% mutt. He’s the best decision we’ve made since we brought home Tacocat

Brisa, Paxton and I adopted Hatch from Almost There Foster Care in Scottsdale and he’s been a handful! A handful of cuteness, that is! Great temperament. Admirably patient with Paxton. A nuisance to Figgins, Bauer, Pork Bun, Tacocat and Stormy! Ridiculously adorable (most of the time). And just the best addition to our family. 

After losing Pazy Wazy, there was a sizeable void in our lives, but especially Figgy’s life. She was depressed and her separation anxiety increased exponentially. Well, Hatch has definitely brought new life, new adventures, and new joy to the Hsieh home!

Check out Hatch’s shenanigans at @HatchChileHsieh and #HatchAndPaxtonAdventures!

~ Chris

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Photos of Hatch’s First 4 Weeks at Home!

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