Alyssa & Koy | Attraction Session | Tucson, AZ

Happy Tuesday everyone! A preview of Alyssa and Koy’s Tucson engagement session is shared on the La Brisa blog!

Alyssa and Koy traveled all the way from Hugoton, KS for their Tucson engagement session. I’m incredibly grateful for their willingness to disrupt their lives for the opportunity to photograph them! Though they had a few travel mishaps (almost delayed flight, lost luggage and a hotel in the heart of Tucson during a hip-hop festival – my bad!), they thoroughly (I hope) enjoyed Tucson’s craft beer options as well as the “city” resources!

One of my favorite moments from Alyssa and Koy’s session was when I showed up a bit early and saw them finishing off shots of whiskey at the bar. I immediately knew that we were going to have a great shoot! =) Alyssa is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. She tells you what she thinks when she’s thinking it. Her spunky and smiley demeanor is as refreshing as it is contagious. Koy is soft spoken and chooses his words wisely. He is as quick to reference The Office as he is to pour you another beer. The best thing about Alyssa and Koy’s relationship is their adaptability. They completely understand what it takes to love each other in this imperfect life.

Thank you again so much for trusting me with your Tucson engagement session! I hope you absolutely love these images and I can’t wait to see you again this Fall for your wedding!

~ Chris

A huge thanks to Brigette for assisting me! You’re the best!


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Preview photos of Alyssa and Koy’s Tucson engagement session!

Downtown Tucson Engagement Session
Congress Street Tucson Engagement
Mickey Minnie Mouse LOVE shirts
Mickey Minnie Mouse LOVE Tucson engagement session
MSA Annex Tucson Engagement Session
MSA Annex toasting beers engagement
Westbound MSA Annex engagement session
Westbound Tucson engagement session
Red Shoes MSA Annex engagement session
genuine laughter Tucson engagement
Gates Pass wildflowers engagement
Gates Pass Tucson engagement
Saguaro wedding ring
engagement ring rocky surface
Gates Pass engagement red lacy dress
Gates Pass Engagement forehead kiss
Gates Pass dancing on mountains engagement
striking a pose Gates Pass Tucson engagement
laughter on mountains Gates Pass engagement
hiking through cactus Gates Pass engagement
epic Gates Pass sunset Tucson engagement
kiss and dip Gates Pass sunset Tucson engagement
dip and kiss tucson engagement gates pass
Gates Pass champagne spray engagement
champagne drinking Tucson engagement Gates Pass
Gates Pass champagne spray Tucson engagement

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