Allie & Patrick | Millwright’s Wedding | Simsbury, CT

Happy Tuesday everyone! A preview of Allie and Patrick’s Millwright’s wedding in Simsbury, CT is featured on the La Brisa blog!

Allie and Patrick’s phenomenal wedding was incredibly memorable. From getting ready in the childhood home that her father designed and built to getting married at the location where her father worked at for years. The personal touches were prevalent on their wedding day. It was so telling to see Allie being the consummate host on her wedding day. She was constantly making sure we were doing well and looking after everything and everyone. During a stressful time, Allie was completely selfless because that is exactly who she is. Meanwhile, Patrick’s emotional toast perfectly exemplified his character. He is caring, sentimental and grateful. His words about his family and especially his new wife were beautiful.

One of my favorite moments from Allie and Patrick’s wedding was during the ceremony when the officiant passed around the wedding rings to everyone and asked them to bless the rings before Allie and Patrick placed them on their fingers. Everyone took their time to pray, kiss and warm the rings before passing them along to the next family member. There was laughter, tears and joy as this occured. I just love how intentional Allie and Patrick were with their wedding!

A list of my first experiences from this wedding/trip…

  • first time in CT
  • first time staying at a hotel literally a stone’s throw away from the airport runway
  • first (and 2nd time…their ice cream is delicious!) time eating at Friendly’s
  • first time photographing a wedding with only 15 people
  • first time photographing a wedding with an 89 year old flowergirl
  • first time eating at a Top Chef #cheftestant‘s restaurant
  • first time eating foie gras (better than I thought it would be!)
  • first time enjoying a seated fine dining experience while photographing a wedding (Thanks Allie & Patrick!!!)
  • first time photographing a reception at an ice hockey rink
  • first time photographing a bride and groom’s first skate instead of their traditional first dance
  • first time I’ve ever sat in my car for 20 minutes after arriving at my hotel because I didn’t want to subject myself to the cold weather outside
  • first time I’ve finished photographing a wedding and immediately thought…”Damn, I wish all of my weddings could be like this!”

A huge huge huge thanks to B for traveling all the way to CT to photograph Allie and Patrick’s wedding with me! I always love working with you and you added so much to Allie and Patrick’s day!

Congratulations again on celebrating your lifelong commitment! Thank you for trusting me with your Millwright’s wedding! Be sure to “LIKE” the La Brisa FB page ( where I will be posting more of your wedding photos!

~ Chris

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Preview photos of Allie and Patrick’s Millwright’s wedding!

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