3 years after former La Brisa associate photographers, Autumn, Sarah and Emma launched their own awesome photography businesses, I’ve decided it is time to grow the team again! I am looking for an associate photographer in/near KCMO and/or Manhattan, KS!

associate photographer

If you’re a photographer in/near KCMO and/or Manhattan, KS and you’re interested in adding more weddings to your schedule, I’d love to hear from you! As a La Brisa associate photographer, you will only be responsible for photographing the wedding. I will handle all client communication, culling, editing and delivery. Become an associate photographer to increase your profits and create a better work/life balance! Complete the form below to receive more information about becoming an associate photographer for La Brisa Photography!

La Brisa Associate Photographer Requirements
1) Wedding photography experience
2) Your photography business is registered with the state
3) You have liability insurance for your photography business
4) Your primary camera body has dual card slots
5) You own camera bodies/lenses/flashes + backup equipment
6) You’re fun and awesome!

White Sands Family Portrait

I’m incredibly grateful for the past three years of running La Brisa solo (Hello Paxton!), but I definitely miss working with amazing creatives to bounce ideas off of and to challenge each other to be better photographers and business owners! I look forward to La Brisa growing again!!!

~ Chris

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Tucson Wedding Photographers
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