Carl Specht

After two weeks of selling my fine art, travel and animal photographs, I am elated to announce that you helped me raise $1072.92 for Carl’s Cause via Photography For a Cause!!!

I had two goals for this Photography For a Cause sale: 1) raise $500 to donate to Carl’s Cause and 2) increase mental health awareness. The recent deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain showed how mental illness does not discriminate based on socioeconomic class, race or religion. Organizations such as Carl’s Cause work to remove the unfounded embarrassing stigma of mental illness and to make it as easily talked about as cancer, heart disease, etc. Thank you to everyone who purchased photographs and I’m thrilled about the support we raised for Carl’s Cause and for mental health awareness!

The first and only time I’ve ever met Carl was at his sister’s wedding 6 years ago. I remember him being full of life with sweet dance moves to spare. He had a quick and disarming smile that made him incredibly approachable. When I heard about his passing, I was devastated for him and his family. In the words of Carl’s dad…”Carl left us not on his own will, but because of an illness he could not conquer. We cannot and will not stray from our goal of moving forward every day of our lives doing what Carl would want us to do…help others, knowing that we can and will make a difference.”

Carl Specht

Carl’s family created the non profit, Carl’s Cause, to fight the stigma of mental illness and to promote mental health resources. Here is Carl’s story as told by his sister, Megan…

Carl was a handsome 27 year-old with his whole life ahead of him. He was an athlete, an engineer and a top salesman at a Fortune 10 company. He was a loyal friend, loving son and brother. Carl was the life of the party with an infectious smile and the desire to live life to the fullest and to be successful in every aspect of his life.

carl's cause

Carl was not the kind of person that would be associated with mental illness or depression. He tried to put on a happy face and hide the heavy battles he was fighting. After very high highs and low lows, Carl took his life on June 23rd, 2017.

Carl’s Cause was established to end the stigma of mental illness and to help find resources for families who are fighting similar battles. People openly discuss and support the treatment and awareness of physical illnesses, yet it seems mental illness is only discussed when it’s too late. Through Carl’s Cause, we are fighting the stigma, and will do everything we can for those who are battling depression and other mental illnesses. Together, we can ensure Carl’s legacy lives on and we can make a difference in his name.”

     If you are interested in donating directly to Carl’s Cause, send checks payable to “The Carl Specht Legacy Fund” to…

CrossFirst Bank
4707 W. 135th St
Leawood KS 66224

Here were the Top 5 Best Selling Photographs!

Sunflowers from Grinter FarmsLawrence, KS
Grinter Farms Sunflowers

Bison – Jackson Hole, WY
Wyoming Bison

Yucca – Joshua Tree National Park, CA
Joshua Tree Yucca

Heart Cactus – San Diego, CA
Heart Cactus

Kansas State’s Anderson HallManhattan, KS
Anderson Hall Snow K-State

As always, thank you for your continued love and support by purchasing my photographs and sharing Photography For a Cause with your co-workers, your families and your friends!

~ Chris

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