Tucson Wedding Photographer Availability

2018 Wedding Availability!
Happy Wednesday! Thank you to my upcoming wedding clients and I am excited to add more of you to the La Brisa Family! Every year around this time, I share my wedding availability for the rest of year. I’m always amazed at the unbelievable destinations where wedding photography takes me and I’m incredibly thrilled for my 2018 weddings! If you are interested in chatting about your upcoming wedding, kindly complete the CONTACT ME form by clicking HERE!

2017 Wedding Recap!
My 2017 weddings were absolutely amazing! I started in Johannesburg and finished in Las Vegas! As much as I love to travel, I’d also love to shoot more weddings in Arizona, specially Marana and Tucson. I cannot believe how blessed I am to continue pursuing wedding photography. An appreciative thank you to my incredibly trusting and patient brides and grooms! Here are a few highlights from my 2017 weddings…Tucson Wedding Photographer Availability

50 State Goal UPDATE!
I am sooooo much closer to accomplishing my goal of photographing a wedding in all 50 states! Only 15 states left! If you are getting married in one my needed states, I offer highly discounted wedding collections and I’d LOVE to hear from you! Complete the CONTACT ME form by clicking HERE!

New Hampshire
New Mexico
West Virginia

Thank you again for your interest in La Brisa! I greatly appreciate your continued love and support. You are the best!
~ Chris

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Tucson Wedding Photographers
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