Colorful Midwest Sunset Engagement liftCongrats to Morgan and Ben on their engagement! I was ridiculously excited to photograph their Manhattan, KS engagement Attraction Session!

When I was figuring out my camera settings before Taylor and Chase’s wedding ceremony, I hear a “psst…hey Chris!” I was a bit weirded out because who would possibly know my name? So I look over, and Morgan is looking at me just beaming! She proudly sticks out her left hand and I couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous engagement ring staring at me and while still trying to catch my composure, I murmur…congratulations! Then she says, “I gotta talk to you!” And that was how this awesome wedding journey began! =)

Morgan and Ben’s engagement session was definitely the most unique shoot I’ve ever experienced. When Bailey and I arrived, we were introduced to Morgan’s mom and Ben’s mom and Morgan’s maid of honor and Morgan’s doggy, then we were immediately loaded up into gators and whisked away.

I’ve never had both moms and the maid of honor accompany me on a shoot before. Initially, I assumed that I’d need to chat with them to give us some space, but they were actually incredibly helpful and politely removed themselves while we were shooting! Plus, Ben was hauling ass on the gator which was super fun! =)

The best aspect of Morgan and Ben’s relationship is how much Ben adores Morgan. Throughout the shoot, I knew how much he’d rather be somewhere else (most guys are like this, including myself), but he flashed his killer smile and remained as respectful and agreeable as his usual self because he knew how important these photos are to Morgan. Morgan was her energetic self. She was bouncing from one idea/outfit to the next and yet she was incredibly graceful with every movement. I swear, there’s something about Morgan that makes it seem as if she just glides everywhere. Together, Morgan’s effortlessness and Ben’s chivalrous nature are the foundation of their dynamic and strong relationship!

Thank you for trusting me with preserving your relationship and congratulations again on your engagement! I can’t wait to photograph your wedding next summer!!!

A huge thanks to Bailey Pianalto for assisting and shooting with me! You’re the best!!!

~ Chris


Manhattan KS Engagement

vintage firetruck engagement

vintage firetruck white dress engagement

Open Field Manhattan KS Sunset Engageemnt

Manhattan KS Epic Sunset Engagement

Midwest Epic Sunset Engagement

Manhattan KS Engagement Sunset

Open Field Midwest Sunset Engagement

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