Keeper of the Plains Bridge Wedding The day after Memorial Day, I feel incredibly blessed to be sharing Erin and Zach’s Mid-American All-Indian Center wedding with you! They selected one of my Military Wedding Collections and it is such an honor and privilege to photograph the relationship of someone who selflessly served our country. Their Wichita, KS wedding was filled with love, laughter and joy!

Throughout the morning, Erin was one of the calmest brides I’ve ever photographed. She bounced around from talking to her Grandma Joanne to playing with her dog, Riley, to getting ready for her wedding. Everyone commented on how relaxed she was! Shortly before she put on her wedding dress, I heard Disney music blasting in the bathroom and I was completely caught off guard. Then, Erin walked out and she noticed the confused look on my face because she immediately said “It calms me.”. At that point, I knew she was ready to get married. For every bride, there’s a turning point prior to the ceremony when the anxiety and excitement of everything becomes too much and they just need a song, a hug, a drink or a chat to be ready. That was Erin’s moment and it was perfect!

Erin and Zach are incredible together. From their Attraction Session in Kansas City, I knew that their wedding day would be chill and a ridiculously fun party because that”s how Erin and Zach are together. They are such kind people. Always gracious and encouraging. It is not a surprise that they have the best crew of family and friends I’ve experienced in a long time.

Congratulations again on celebrating your lifelong commitment! Thank you for trusting me with your relationship! Below, I’ve included all of the images I shared at the reception of your Mid-American All-Indian Center Wedding and I can’t wait to feature more of your wedding images and all of your wedding details in your full blog post!

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Special thanks to Luke Townsend for shooting with me and contributing his incredible talent to Erin and Zach’s perfect day!

~ Chris


Mid-American All-Indian Center Wedding Photography

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