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Happy 75th Birthday Dad! I hope you have the best day ever! The past year presented numerous challenges for you. From health concerns to a death in the family to the addition of your 7th grandchild, your 74th year epitomized how life gives and takes away. Though our relationship hasn’t always been the best, I truly appreciate where we are now. You’re my best friend, guidance counselor, biggest fan, business advisor and best dad ever. I love you and appreciate you so much!

Thanks again for everything! Happy 75th Birthday Dad!!!


Here’s a look back at your adventures from age 74 to age 75. I’m excited to see where you go and what you accomplish this year!

When my dad was in the hospital, I made a quick visit to see him. He was discharged that day and was looking considerably better when I left the following day.happy 75th birthday dad

After we moved to Marana from Texas (again), my parents visited us! My dad fell in love with the saguaro cactus!Tucson Family Photographer

In August, we all traveled to Los Angeles for our annual Hsieh Family Reunion!

In November, I traveled back home to San Jose, CA to photograph Jen and Zach’s beautiful wedding!Tucson Family Photographer

In December, my entire family visited Marana to celebrate Christmas together! A huge thanks to Tina of Pure in Art Photography for photographing my family!Tucson Wedding PhotographerTucson Wedding PhotographerTucson Wedding Photographer

Lounging with the Hsieh four legged children!Tucson Wedding Photographer

Again with the saguaro cactus and sitting in his favorite spot of our house with his lovely wife! Tucson Wedding Photographer

Quite possibly my favorite photo of my dad and me. For his Christmas present, Brisa and I bought my dad cigars while we were in Hawaii for our babymoon. Before my parents went home, we were able to enjoy them together!father son smoking cigars

When my dad held his 7th grandchild for the first time!Marana Family Photographer

I asked my parents if they checked any luggage for their trip to Arizona and they said no, because it would take that much longer to see Paxton! =) Marana Family Photographer

Marana Family Photographer

My parents were able to attend Paxton’s Baby Dedication at Casas Church! Casas Church Baby Dedication

Before they left, I did a quick photo shoot of my parents with Paxton!Marana Baby Photographer

And then my dad requested photos with this ginormous saguaro!Marana Baby Photographer

I love these two so very much!Marana Baby Photographer

As I posted on instagram.com/labrisaphoto, with all of my dad’s health issues/scares over the years, I had serious doubts if he would ever meet my children. My dad is 75. His dad passed at the age of 65. Honestly, I feel like we’ve been living on borrowed time. Thankfully though, my dad’s health is getting stronger everyday. I never met my grandpa and I’m ecstatic that Paxton already met his! This image of my dad and Paxton warms my heart. I’ve learned so much from my dad and I can’t wait for him to continue sharing his wisdom with my son. Marana Baby Photographer

Happy 75th Birthday Dad! I love you so much!!!

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