Happy November everyone! Please join me in congratulating the La Brisa Aspiring Photographer Workshop (APW) Monthly Photography Competition Winner Junghans Images! For October, the theme for MPC #45 was “OCF (Off Camera Flash)” and members of the group voted for their favorite submissions. View previous Monthly Photography Competition winners by clicking HERE.

Josh Junghans of Junghans Images won Monthly Photography Competition #45 for his image titled “Wheat on Wheat”! This is Josh’s 4th MPC win! He also won MPC #15 ~ “Night”, MPC #23 ~ “Lights” and MPC #40 ~ “Senior Portrait”! Congratulations again Monthly Photography Competition Winner Junghans Images! Monthly Photography Competition Winner Junghans Images

If you’re interested in finding out more info about photography related trends, tips, critiques, etc, please request to join the Aspiring Photographer Workshop (APW) group by clicking HERE. And then send a FB message to Chris (http://www.facebook.com/christopherhsieh) about your request. =)

Two rules of the group:

1) be kind. negative/unhelpful comments will be deleted.
2) be willing to share resources/experience/etc with everyone else!

~ Chris

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