Arizona Photography WorkshopSince Bethany & Evan’s APW, I wanted to host another Arizona photography workshop. I’m happy to share images from my latest La Brisa Aspiring Photographer Workshop (APW) in Sierra Vista, AZ! After posting a model call on FB, Josh contacted me as a fellow member of the Tuesdays Together group. He and his girlfriend, Imelda, were perfect models! They had style, poise and awesome personalities. The ease of which they went from one emotion to the next was incredible. Josh and Imelda are launching a new business called Better On Call, a concierge doctor service. View their website and like Better On Call on Facebook for updates on their upcoming opening! Thank you both again so much for sharing your relationship with us!

The photographers and I shot all around the San Pedro House grounds. The light was absolutely beautiful! I showed how I typically photograph one of my Attraction Sessions. Throughout the APW, the photographers had the opportunity to pose/shoot the couple, listen to how I interact/pose the couple and ask questions of why I do what I do. Afterwards, we headed over to Taco Giro for delicious food, drinks and to critique each other’s photos!

True confession: at every APW, I learn something new. This time, I learned that client comfort trumps light and location. If your clients are uncomfortable, they are less likely to to want to be photographed. Unfortunately, we were swarmed by irate mosquitos and they made all of us miserable.

Thank you to all of the participants who attended! I hope you were able to learn something and that this APW was helpful in your photography journey!

Bill Bonner of Reign Photography
Chrisanne Chartier of Crossroads by Chrisanne
Diahn Conte of LP Photo
Greg McCown of Saguaro Pictures
Katherine La Motte of Kitty B. Photography
Lauren Chon-Lopez
Lindy Waddell
Robert Weintraub of Robert Weintraub Photography
Sherri Madrigal of Moments by Sherri

I absolutely love teaching. My background is in education and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to share my photography experience with photographers of all skill levels. The reason I started hosting free Aspiring Photographer Workshops back in 2008 was to give back to all the photographers who helped me get started as well as to help grow the photography community.

If you are interested in future FREE La Brisa APWs, please request to join my private group on facebook, HERE and send a FB message to me so that I can send you the rules of the group – APWs are Aspiring Photographer Workshops for photographers of any skill level/experience that I host as a way to give back to the photography community. Two rules of the group: 1) be kind. negative/unhelpful comments will be deleted. 2) be willing to share resources/experience/etc with everyone else!

~ Chris

San Pedro HouseSierra Vista, AZ

Traditional Engagement Pose

Sun Flare Engagement Pose

Temple Kiss Engagement PoseLaughing Black/White Engagement Pose

Serious Engagement Pose

Walking Hand Through Hair Engagement Pose

Walking Backlit Engagement Pose

Sunflare Backlit Engagement PoseDirect Sun Little People Big Sky Engagement Pose

Back to Chest Engagement Pose

Back to Chest Black White Engagement Pose

Carrying Girl Engagement Pose

Dancing Engagement Pose

Here are a few behind the scene candids of the photographers in action!Arizona Photography WorkshopArizona Photography WorkshopArizona Photography WorkshopArizona Photography WorkshopArizona Photography Workshop
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