Photographer suicide preventionLast night, the photography community lost an incredibly talented and powerful woman, Kira, to depression.

Autumn, Sarah and I photographed Kira’s amazing family last year. We asked them to start at 5:30am for sunrise, and in typical Kira fashion, her family of 7 arrived EARLY and was dressed and ready to rock! Photographer suicide prevention

Shortly after that, Kira attended one of my Aspiring Photographer Workshops and was absolutely phenomenal. She found different perspectives and uses of light that truly made her work exemplary. Photographer suicide prevention

Through those two events, Kira and I became fast friends. We chatted about our love for IPAs, she respectfully questioned my faith, we pondered about why people are perpetually fake and we discussed our histories. Kira had one of the most difficult upbringings of anyone that I have ever met. Her strength was inspiring to me as well as to so many others. Through her advocacy for diabetes awareness and her empowering of women through fitness, Kira unified people. She embraced conversation and authentically cared about knowing the real you. In the past 12 hours, no less than 25 people have messaged me directly about Kira. Her impact on others went farther than she ever could have imagined.

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If you know of anyone struggling with depression, reach out to them and/or guide them to Life is too short to avoid helping a friend even when they don’t ask for it.

We lost a phenomenal person, mother, wife, daughter, friend, artist, photographer and overall badass. You instilled so much zest in the lives of others. Your legacy will continue through your awesome children aka “your stack”. We all will miss you Kira!

Prayers and blessings for Kira’s Family,
~ Chris suicide prevention

Photographer suicide prevention

Photographer suicide prevention

Photographer suicide preventionPhotographer suicide preventionPhotographer suicide prevention

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