Happy Monday everyone! A preview of Lindsay and Zac’s Richwood on the River wedding in Milton, KY is featured on the La Brisa blog!

     After meeting Lindsay and Zac at their engagement Attraction Sessionhttp://www.labrisaphotography.com/2018/09/08/lindsay-zac-equestrian-engagement-session/ – I knew that their wedding would be intentional and emotional. As I often do, I underestimated the impact of what was to come. In a humble attempt to describe the depth of Lindsay and Zac’s beautiful wedding, the one word that continues to come to mind is graciousness. When Lindsay and her mom discovered Richwood on the River, they knew it would be the perfect destination venue for her dream wedding. As the forecasted rain turned into a reality, Lindsay was calm and full of grace. Throughout their entire day, Lindsay and Zac were incredibly appreciative and grateful. Appreciative for how much they’ve been blessed. Grateful for all the people who came to witness their celebration of commitment.

     One of my favorite moments from Lindsay and Zac’s day was immediately after their first look. As Zac was wiping tears from his eyes after seeing his bride, he gently leaned over and softly kissed her cheek. That moment is imprinted into my mind because it says everything you need to know about Lindsay and Zac’s relationship. They are so intertwined with love and they possess an unbreakable connection to each other.

     A huge thanks to Carl of Carl S Miller Media for sharing his time and talents for Lindsay and Zac’s Richwood on the River wedding! Also, I highly recommend Colleen and her team at Richwood! They were easy-going, organized and efficient. Most impressively, their positive can-do attitude was contagious to all the other vendors and the guests!

     One of my goals is to photograph a wedding in all 50 states. I’m incredibly grateful to cross Kentucky from my list of 50 states (thanks Lindsay and Zac)! If you’re getting married in one of the 13 states (see below) I have left, please contact me and I’ll offer you an incredible discount to photograph your wedding!

New Hampshire
New Mexico

     Congratulations again on celebrating your lifelong commitment! Thank you for trusting me with your wedding! Be sure to “LIKE” the La Brisa FB page (www.facebook.com/labrisaphotography) where I will be posting more of your wedding photos!

~ Chris

Sidenote: Personally, I have never felt so appreciated for doing my job. Parents, family members, guests and vendors all thanked me for doing what I do at every wedding. The compliments and gratitude were greatly appreciated (even though I couldn’t vocalize that at the time). At the end of the night, Lindsay gave me the best compliment I could ever receive. Thank you for your kindness and eloquence!


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