We have an exciting announcement to share with you!

“A huge huge thank you to all the clients, friends and family who have trusted and supported me thus far– I can’t wait to see you at we chase the light! check out the website for some fun launch-day specials ;)” ~ Autumn

Visit Autumn’s new website – www.wechasethelight.com and like her FB page – facebook.com/wechasethelightphotography! Contact her with photography inquiries at autumn@wechasethelight.com or 785.556.2546! Please shower her with love!

In honor of her new venture, we decided to channel our inner Autumn and create lip sync videos! We asked Autumn’s family and friends to join us and you can find them on social media at #wechasethelight!

So when I was thinking up possible song choices for this video (other than some terribly obvious “goodbye” songs), I kept thinking of something…anything that was bold, powerful and rather epic. I also wanted it to be encouraging/empowering of sorts…So Autumn, here’s an anthem for you (with some dramatic smoke to make even more of a statement or something)! I think you rock and I am so excited for this next chapter in your career. I am also pumped to see how you incorporate and represent your eclectic charm and free spirit into your brand and work in general! Best of luck to you 🙂

~ Emma

Before I begin, I just want to tell you how proud I am of you. (I know, I’m moving right past our usual playful banter and going in for the sappy comments). I am SO proud of the hard work, courage, and determination that you’ve shown as you prepared for today. It’s easy to discuss future plans and possibilities, but it takes a lot of grit and ambition to actually make those plans a reality. This dream isn’t always an easy one to chase and some days the hurdles seem unsurmountable. Yet, I have no doubt that this new endeavor is exactly what you were meant to do. You’ve got this.

To say that I am going to miss working with you is an understatement. You’ve been there for me since the beginning- answering questions, offering advice, and cheering me on when doubt crept in. You brought a balance to the team that I can’t put into words. Never one to shy away from a challenge, yet always looking at the bigger picture. Throughout our time together you’ve grown to be one of my best friends and it brings me so much happiness to see you doing something you love. Today, I am ecstatic to cheer you on as you launch your new website and begin this exciting new chapter in your career! You are going to do amazing things, my friend… amazing things.

~ Sarah

You know how I don’t listen to lyrics. And I know that drives you nuts, yet you’ve put up with my Top 40 music preferences since 2012. I am amazed it took you this long to distance yourself from me! =) Honestly though, I hope the last three years have been the time of your life full of amazing memories and experiences! (FYI: I really wanted to do THIS SONG for our obvious reasons!)

When we photographed our first wedding together… Autumn Shoemaker…I immediately knew you were special (meant in the best way possible, of course). Your whimsical awesomeness is endearing and unique. Since then, you’ve been such an incredible ambassador for La Brisa. Your honesty and outside of the box thinking shaped much of what we do today. The launch of We Chase the Light marks an end of an era at La Brisa, but I can’t possibly be sad because you’ve worked so hard for this day. I am ridiculously proud of your leap. True story. I know your defined success is eagerly awaiting you!

With your dedication and loyalty, I cannot thank you enough for everything that you’ve done for La Brisa and for me! Since you started, you experienced…your first commercial airplane flight, the Pacific Ocean, your first convertible ride, traveling abroad, your first tattoo, your first kolache, your first dim sum, sooo many miles together in rental cars…193416_10151090274523991_178379494_o…we instantly bonded over our love of dogs, food and beer. The last 3+ years have been an epic journey of photography and personal growth and I am incredibly grateful for all of your advice, support and encouragement. I could always count on you to be on time, to avoid re-scheduling at all costs and to call me out whenever I was being dumb. You influenced my life and decision making in so many ways that you will never realize. Your La Brisa legacy will live on forever. While I lost a teammate, I gained a lifelong amazingly talented friend. Congratulations Shoe!!!

~ Chris

La Brisa Brides love Autumn! Over the past three years, from throughout the midwest to all the way to the Dominican Republic, Autumn traveled wherever her clients wanted her!Bride Groom Portraits Wedding Photography La Brisa Autumn Shoemaker

“I cannot speak highly enough of Autumn. I have always admired La Brisa’s work so when I settled on my date they were one of the first people I e-mailed.

Autumn took a great combination of formal and informal pictures. I have seen photographers who made the agenda about them, but she really was part of the day not the feature in the day. Autumn was with us from about 9:00am to almost midnight without one complaint.

We have received numerous compliments on the pictures and really feel they captured our whole wedding day. We feel very lucky to have such a wonderful representation of our special day.

I would recommend her without any hesitation to anyone for their wedding day and that is not a statement I would make about all my vendors.” ~ Alisha

Bride Groom Portraits Wedding Photography La Brisa Autumn Shoemaker

“Autumn and Sarah photographed my wedding in August. The photography element of the wedding was something important to my husband and me, and after hiring La Brisa, was one of the few aspects of the wedding I didn’t worry about. From day one when we had our engagement photos taken, Autumn made both of us feel comfortable and valued. On the day of our wedding, both photographs were there all day (from hair in the morning, until the last dance at the reception). Throughout the day, they were present to capture all of the important moments without being overbearing or front and center. I look back on that day as I look through the pictures and think: How did they get this photo? I don’t even remember seeing them!

The photos we have to look back on from the wedding are beautiful. Not only do we have the traditional posed photos, but candid photos, pictures of our guests, and pictures that capture all aspects of the day. In our experience, Autumn and Sarah were easy to work with, creative, and professional. I cannot recommend La Brisa more highly.” ~ Laurel

Bride Groom Portraits Wedding Photography La Brisa Autumn Shoemaker

“We could not have asked for a better experience. Autumn was great, she was there from the time I got my hair done, until we left our dance at midnight. She took great pics, and we are very happy with the end result.

Would highly recommend 🙂 We could not have asked for a better experience. Autumn was great, she was there from the time I got my hair done, until we left our dance at midnight. She took great pics, and we are very happy with the end result. Would highly recommend!” ~ Erin

Bride Groom Portraits Wedding Photography La Brisa Autumn Shoemaker

“Autumn did an absolute amazing job. Her personality, professionalism, and love for photography is outstanding!! Everyone loved her and we will most definetly use her services for our future photos!” ~ Chelsea

Bride Groom Portraits Wedding Photography La Brisa Autumn Shoemaker

“Autumn did a FANTASTIC job. We had so much fun having her as our photographer and the photos turned out even better than we could’ve hoped! She posted the photos sooo fast on facebook and they are fantastic pictures! She made sure all of them were super flattering and the editing was gorgeous.” ~ Veronica

A few candids of Autumn over the years…265863_10151270057728991_1727756659_o

Of the hundreds of thousands of photographs that Autumn has shot for La Brisa, this is by far my absolute favorite. There is such depth to the image, the connection from Nathan through the camera is instantaneous and the light is absolutely phenomenal. Nathan Shoemaker Senior Portrait Style Session La Brisa Photography

Shoe, you will always create stunning photographs. Your creativity, your eye for the dramatic and your ability to see light is absolutely outstanding. Never stop pushing yourself because your photography journey has just begun! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything.

~ Chris