10540634_10205807395446826_3271389385561700888_nSo far, we have raised $1,597.19 for Nathan!!! Please help us, help him by purchasing our fine art photographs and sharing Nathan’s story with all of your families and friends! TODAY is the deadline to order your prints!

La Brisa clients! Over the next three days, we will donate 100% of print profits from your online galleries to the Shoemaker Family as well! Purchase your prints @ La Brisa Client Galleries!

OR if you would prefer to donate directly to the Shoemaker Family, you can do so via PayPal by clicking the “DONATE” link!

You can purchase our fine art photographs through 11:59pm (Hawaiian) TODAY at Photography For a Cause!

~ Chris

Here are our most popular photographs sold from the past two days!

From Autumn’s Gallery:img_118920111220_pfac_021-2438205779-o20090524_pfac_013-2438198931-odsc_0020-1773610505-o20140709_pfac_04120120424_autumn_04-1812729981-o(1)20100811_pfac_018-2438203606-o20080619_pfac_006-2438194482-o(1)

From Sarah’s Gallery:

From Chris’ Gallery:20130719_portlandlighthouse_00320130421_edgar_003-2483327814-o20140711_chugachstatepark_00420140413_tidalbasincherryblossomsunrise_001(1)20140905_alaska_006

You can view all of our fine art photographs available for sale at Photography For a Cause!

Here are links to our individual galleries:
Autumn Shoemaker
B Mussack of Just B Photo
Chris Hsieh
Emma York
Sarah Gudeman

Thank you again for all of your love and support for Nathan!!!