20131006_nate_085Nathan, the awesome brother of our own Autumn Shoemaker was recently diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma. As a small way to help Nathan and the Shoemakers, Autumn, B, Emma, Sarah and I are hosting a 3 day print sale of our fine art photographs where we will donate 100% of the profits to the Shoemaker Family for their medical/travel expenses. You can purchase our images at Photography For a Cause starting today, Thursday, January 29th! Galleries will close on Saturday, January 31st.

La Brisa clients! Over the next three days, we will donate 100% of print profits from your online galleries to the Shoemaker Family as well! Purchase your prints @ La Brisa Client Galleries!

OR if you would prefer to donate directly to the Shoemaker Family, you can do so via PayPal by clicking the “DONATE” link!


The Shoemakers are undoubtedly, one of the most close-knit, generous and amazing families ever. Prayers and well wishes for Nathan and the Shoemakers are greatly appreciated! Follow Nathan’s awesomeness @Shoebaccaa and share your support by using #CancerBuildsCharacterAnyway!

~ Chris

Here is Nathan’s story in Autumn’s words…

you might have known me for a while now through La Brisa. if you follow me anywhere you know i’m loud. sarcastic. maybe a bit brash….. invigorated. stubborn. i really appreciate a good sense of humor. and i really love my family. we have fun together. we also really didn’t see this coming.


the week before thanksgiving 2014 was rather a dark and stormy one. or at least an overcast and dreary one. that week, a mere two months ago, was when nathan was diagnosed with cancer. the reality of this news has been much more dramatic than that sentence, and I remember thinking “everything looks dead and barren…. so much empty…this is exactly how my brain feels. what now…”


nate is only 18. and in regularly scheduled programming, would have just been starting his 2nd semester at KU this month, he also happens to be my little brother.


what was anticipated to be a benign tumor in his spine was actually a seriously odious sarcoma tumor. for those of you who have been in those rooms, waiting for those results, you know the surreality of those moments, and the unfairness.


ewing’s sarcoma is a rare bone cancer affecting approximately 200 children and adults a year (up to age 30). it is not inherited. there are no known environmental or lifestyle triggers. there are no screening tests, and no way to prevent it from happening. it’s the luck of the draw- and cancer doesn’t discriminate.


if there is luck related to a cancer diagnosis, i guess we are fortunate that nate’s cancer has not metastasized. unfortunately, he still has a particularly nasty regimen of chemo and radiation ahead of him.


if you feel so inclined, we’d love to have you share this post, and nathan’s story. if you can’t purchase prints but find yourself in need of t-mobile services; we’d love to have you stop by the lawrence, ks t-mobile store (1700 W 23rd St., Lawrence, KS 66046) and ask for Nathan Shoemaker ;). we’d also love for you to vote shoemaker for president in 2036 when he’s eligible to run. trust me– he’s awesome.


I offer up an enormous thank you to the La Brisa team members for setting this up, and for all of you who have already been actively involved with your time and gifts. thanks for taking the time to check this out. it’s a one day at a time thing. and as nate is fond of saying, #cancerbuildscharacteranyway


please feel free to chat or send questions to autumn@labrisaphotography.com

THANK YOU. Be kind to one another. ~ autumn20131006_portfolio_001

You can purchase our fine art photographs starting today through Saturday, January 31st at Photography For a Cause!

Photographs by Chris (click the link to go directly to Chris’ gallery):20140902_HsiehCruise_01020091228_PFaC2013_01220100404_PFaC2013_013

Photographs by Sarah (click the link to go directly to Sarah’s gallery):141029_hawaii_003140324_52weeks_001140227_dominicanrepublic_001

Photographs by Emma (click the link to go directly to Emma’s gallery):20141012_bestof2014_00120141012_bestof2014_001-220141005_bestof2014_001

Photographs by Autumn (click the link to go directly to Autumn’s gallery):20140827_FB_00120140711_FB_00120140706_FB_001