Following up Announcement #1: Three Day Print Sale for Nathan Shoemaker! with my own personal announcement,…Brisa and I are moving to Arlington, TX in the Dallas/Fort Worth area! Yes, we are moving back to Texas!


Unfortunately, Brisa’s job situation in Tucson wasn’t as awesome as we had hoped, and so she has accepted a new position as an Internal Medicine Specialist at Veterinary Specialists of North Texas! And because Brisa is my sugar momma, I go wherever she goes! =) We will be moving in 10 days and we are both super excited about the new opportunity. If you have favorite restaurants, churches, shops, places to visit, etc in the DFW area, let me know so that Brisa and I can start exploring ASAP! =)


As much as we wanted to make Tucson our permanent home, we were humbled by God’s plan for us to experience a new adventure. Aside from Eegee’s, Nico’s and epic sunrises/sunsets, what we will definitely miss most is all of the amazing relationships that we have built here in the past 18 months. Thank you to everyone who has welcomed us with open arms and awesomeness!


Since I launched La Brisa in 2008, I have moved from Manhattan, KS to Brooklyn, NY to Houston, TX to Tucson, AZ to now Arlington, TX and yet La Brisa continues to grow and improve. A huge thanks to everyone who continues to support La Brisa and me everywhere! Texas, get ready for the Hsiehs (again)!!!

~ Chris


Nathan, the awesome brother of our own Autumn Shoemaker was recently diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma. As a small way to help Nathan and the Shoemakers, Autumn, BEmma, Sarah and I are hosting a 3 day print sale of our fine art photographs where we will donate 100% of the profits to the Shoemaker Family for their medical/travel expenses. You can preview our fine art photographs at Photography For a Cause and they will be available for purchase starting on Thursday, January 29th!20131006_portfolio_001

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