This morning, Brisa and I lost one of our best friends. Elvis was a medical marvel. Despite the odds and with tremendous help from amazing veterinarians, technicians and friends, Elvis surpassed every dire prognosis ever given to him. He forced you to love him. Paz, Figgins, Pork Bun and Bauer all snuggled with him. He would yowl at you or at anyone until you noticed him. He loved to eat. Carne asada, tortilla chips, pot stickers and goldfish were among his favorite meals. What strikes me most about Elvis was how he impacted so many people. Everyone who met him, loved him. Keep Dr. V company for us buddy. You will always be in our thoughts. We love you.

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The last few days were especially brutal. His eyes were lifeless and he wouldn’t eat anything.

Last night, Brisa couldn’t get close enough to him.
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He will always be fondly remembered for his bow tie, his attitude and the incomparable amount of love that he gave to everyone around him.20121029_Elvis_012