20140626_BTS_016I first met Meghan at Amanda and Ryan’s wedding back in 2011. She was one of the gorgeous bridesmaids and three years later, she is even more beautiful. Seriously. Meghan and her husband, Jade, met us at the Nelson Atkins Museum, impeccably dressed and looking awesome even in the uncomfortably warm weather. Even with all of us following them around like paparazzi, their relationship and togetherness was never in doubt. Thank you again so much for modeling for us!

~ Chris

Thank you to all of the participants who attended! I hope you were able to learn something and that this APW was helpful in your photography journey!

Allison of Allison Mendoza Photography
Becca of Becca Blackburn Photography
Matt of New Hope Photography
Michelle of Michelle Gould Photography
Mike of 4 Honor Photography
Oscar of Oscar Pedroza Studios
Ryann of Ryann H Photography
Taylor of Taylor Atkinson Photography
Whitney of Whitney Cathleen Photography

If you are interested in future FREE La Brisa APWs, please request to join our FB group, HERE and send a FB message to me so that I can send you the rules of the group – www.facebook.com/christopherhsieh. APWs are Aspiring Photographer Workshops for photographers of any skill level/experience that we host as a way to give back to the photography community. Two rules of the group: 1) be kind. negative/unhelpful comments will be deleted. 2) be willing to share resources/experience/etc with everyone else!

20140626_MeghanJade_002 20140626_MeghanJade_004 20140626_MeghanJade_009 20140626_MeghanJade_005 20140626_MeghanJade_006 20140626_MeghanJade_007 20140626_MeghanJade_010 20140626_MeghanJade_011 20140626_MeghanJade_012 20140626_MeghanJade_013 20140626_MeghanJade_015
Here are a few behind the scenes images of the photographers in action!
20140626_BTS_001 20140626_BTS_005 20140626_BTS_009 20140626_BTS_013 20140626_BTS_015

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