20140502_Emma_002Happy Birthday Emma! A few of your family and friends wanted to share why you are so awesome…

…She is an amazing sister. She’s put up with me for 20 of her 23 years. And for that alone makes her pretty awesome. Seeing her accomplish all that she has in the past year makes me so proud of her. She’s as amazing as a photographer as she is a sister. Happy birthday Em 🙂 ~ Lauren Boudreaux

…she is one of the most caring people I have ever met. She is always willing to do any and everything for her family and friends without thinking twice and she’s always there for us. She’s also awesome because she’s seriously one of the funniest people I know. I always have a blast with her! She’s been my best friend for 7 years and I can honestly go on and on about why she’s awesome, but I’ll stop there! 🙂 ~ Shayla Williams

…she has zen-like abilities to put a smile on people’s faces. It kind of falls into the same category as “always knows the right thing to say.” Like always. ~ Emma Wheatley

…I had the privilege of spending time with Emma in Colorado this last weekend, and Emma is awesome because not only did she climb the very intimidating and intense Manitou Spring Incline on Pike’s Peak with me like a total champ, but she has such a pleasant presence about her. Whether you’re having a good day or a bad day Emma always has a smile on her face spreading happiness to those around her. Emma is truly a special person who leaves a positive impact on everyone she meets! I wish Emma a very happy birthday! ~ Morgan Stock

…because she is a part of the most professional team ever, team La Brisa. She’s not only incredibly talented at what she does, but is incredibly patient to put up with our crazy antics. ~ Sarah Gudeman

…Not only is she a great asset to La Brisa, her family, her friends, and her church- but also to the entire world! We couldn’t think of a better person to be part of our family’s future photo memories! ~ The Bonewitzs

…has been a team player from the get go, which says a lot about her character and her willingness to help others. I know from personal experience- even in the scant couple of months we have known each other! ~ Autumn Shoemaker

…because she’s my sister, she’s beautiful, she’s smart and she’s always happy. happy birthday thank you for being my sister I love you. ~ Sia Kellie

…because she considers herself an “All or Nothing” type or person and she lives that motto legitimately and authentically. She possesses a grace and wisdom that belies her age. Thank you for all that you do for La Brisa and for me! Happy Birthday!!! ~ Chris Hsieh

…because she always takes the time to think of her friends and the people she cares about. She always has such a positive attitude and warm smile. ~ Stephanie Kisler

…because she is full life and has this great contagious energy. She’ll have you smiling before you even get to really know her. ~ Lauren Quinn

…there are no other words to truly and fully describe her, and “awesome” is about as close as you can get! Emma is a one-of-a-kind who since the beginning of our friendship has brought so many smiles, hugs, memories, and most of all an everlasting friendship that I cherish and will continue to, till the end of time! I love you Miss Emma, I hope that you have a wonderful birthday! ~ Christina Gelvin

…she’s not afraid to dance, hike, bike, play or have a blast with her friends. She has an amazing energy and I love to be around it! ~ Abby Heaus

…because she is so selfless and such a giving individual. She is always full of joy and brings a smile to everyone she’s around! ~ Paige Anderson

…She consistently puts others before herself. Emma is one of the most caring, loving and others focused people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. I’m extremely blessed to be married to her and live life by her side. She is also extremely talented and thrives at whatever she sets her mind to. Her drive and self motivation set her apart from most. However most of all Emma is awesome because of how God has transformed her. Emma is committed to living for Christ and his purposes. She places advancing Gods kingdom above all else in her life and it is captivating to be apart of how God is using her. You are a truly beautiful and wonderful, godly woman. I love you Emma Lilly York. Happy Birthday my love. ~ Jonathan