On an ideal day in Livermore, CA, Brianna and Nick were married, perfectly. You might remember them from their awesome engagement shoot – Brianna & Nick | Attraction Session | Morgan Hill, CA | Chris & Sarah, and their wedding day was even better. Brianna is flawlessly gorgeous. And she has the best and most sweetest personality ever. Nick was my shortstop/third baseman/starting pitcher since little league. Nick’s dad was my favorite coach ever. He had an incredible zest for life and that is explicitly evident in Nick. Throughout their entire day, there was an overwhelming energy of love and enthusiasm for Brianna and Nick. Congratulations again again and I hope you are absolutely loving married life!

Thank you again so much for the privilege and opportunity of photographing your perfect day!

~ Chris

Wedding Details:
Ceremony- Wente Vineyards
Reception- Wente Vineyards/Cresta Blanca room
Wedding coordinator – Georgie Unwin and Jessica Hahn
DJ – Eric Miller of Amos Productions – Pleasanton, CA
Caterer/Cake Designer – Wente kitchens
Dress Designer – Paloma Blanca
Hair stylist – Dayna Langone (sister in law/bridesmaid)
Make up artist – Kristina Langone (sister in law/matron of honor)
Shoe Designer – Lulu Townsend
Florist – Bloomies on Main – Pleasanton, CA
Tuxedo Designer – Vera Wang for Men’s Wearhouse in Charcoal
Bridesmaid Dress Designer – Vera Wang for David’s Bridal in Blush

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