Happy Birthday Sarah! A few of your family and friends wanted to share why you are so awesome…

…because she’s mine! Lol! Jk…she is amazing at her photography…shes amazing as a sister.. she’s amazing as a daughter….she has a very sweet heart and a strong drive to do good work. Meeting Chris was designed by God! One of many blessings He has given her the desires of her heart to go and make the world a more beautiful!! ~ Mom

…she is my big sister! She is so protective over me. She enjoys the little things in life and wants to capture all of them. That is what makes her a great photographer! ~ Hannah

…her last names phonetically have “nice” and “good” in them. And she is more than both of those things! ~ da Meitlers

…she tells the best school stories! ~ Kim Alexander

…she puts up with Chris as her boss on a daily basis! ~ Brisa

…she has an awesome sense on humor!
…she is always willing to help out!
…she is/was an awesome teacher!
…she takes amazing pictures!
…she is gorgeous…inside and out! ~ Megan Brown O’Brien

…she is an amazing friend who is honest, caring, and loyal. She is determined, strong willed and dedicated to anything she puts her heart and mind to. I am so grateful to have her as a friend, and although there are quite a few miles between us now, I know she would have my back if I needed her. Happy birthday, Sarah! Have a big, yummy glass of wine to celebrate! ~ Katie Tetzloff

…of her warm, genuine smile and kind, light hearted disposition. She’s the kind of person you want a hug from because you know it’s real. ~ b

…she continues to be one of my best friends despite the distance between us!
…she is such a beautiful person =) ~ Essie Bixby

…she is genuine, funny, sweet and sincere. I adore her kindness towards others and ability to connect with new people. ~ Rachel Wakefield

…she has a fun loving spirit that is infectious. ~ Jessica Feilmeier

…she has a kind heart and a eagerness to help others learn and grow. ~ Cami Thompson

…she is encouraging and always ready to help! ~ Ashley Link

…she’s encouraging, inspiring and she’s super adorable! =) ~ Scarlett Crews

…she’s a go getter and is amazing at what she does. She also is beautiful and has a great style 🙂 ~ Rebekah Overton

…she has the guts to go after her dreams, a heart of gold and a contagious smile. I am blessed to have her as family! ~ Angie Gebert

…she is extremely dedicated, fiercely loyal and stubbornly effective. She knows what she wants and she obtains it. Without question, she will always be successful because she will not accept anything less than awesomeness in life. Happy Wine-Intoxicated Birthday! ~ Chris

…she is a sweetheart who cares about others, knows what she wants and has the drive and determination to get it, is a great friend, is open and honest, and is totally adorable!! ~ Tammy Shank

…she is a wonderful and loyal friend. She is always their when you need her. Love you Sarah Beulah Nies:-) ~ Ashley Stout

…she has a heart and soul of gold. She will forever have a special spot in my heart and am so proud of the young woman she has become. XOXO Happy Birthday Sarah!!! ~ Kelly Reid

…she ‘never goes to bed angry’. ~ Triniti Jensen

…she has a kind and compassionate heart. She’s smart, funny and thoughtful, too. I love you, Sarah Nies Gudeman. ~ Rae Bonnell

…she is the most genuine person that I know. She is an amazing person that has a kind and creative spirit and is always supportive of her loved ones. Love you friend!!! ~ Laura Deck

…her love for Jesus shines through everything she does! ~ Kathy Price

…she is truly a beautiful person inside and out. She loves life and is not afraid to try new things. Happy Birthday, Sarah. ~ Jean Koleszar

…she is such a sweetheart. She has one of the warmest smiles and heart. I love all the laughter we have shared. Have a great birthday Sarah! ~ Amy Scherb

…she talks as much as me, if not more! She is thoughtful, giving and a faithful friend. Happy Birthday! ~ Katie Schrad

…she is a rare find: a warm, loving and genuinely caring person! ~ Hanna Goble

…she is a beautiful person inside and out. She has been a great friend to our whole family and was a wonderful teacher to our daughter, Lexi. We miss her at school every day but love that she is following her dream doing something she does so well. Happy birthday Sarah!! ~ Tiffany Smith

…she is determined in all she does to get better in the things she does, married a guy with the best first name (Josh) and was the best first photography mentor partner I could ask for! ~ Josh Hicks

…she is related to me! Lol oh & she has a heart of gold a gorgeous smile & she is a beautiful person inside & out! Love you lots Sarah! Happy Birthday my beautiful little cousin ♡ ~ Diana Criss

…she is so decidedly her. she knows what she wants in life and she goes after it. She has become a dear friend, and invaluable colleague, offering patience, alternative perspective, and always a laugh. I expected a new co-worker when she was brought to the team, and I have developed a wonderful, and unexpected friend. Thank you for reminding me to stick to my guns, Sarah, and for always making the time when I need a quick ear. The happiest of birthdays to you today! ! ! Wish tiny cup and I were close enough to celebrate with you. Xo. ~ Autumn

…because she brings out the best in those around her! ~ Husband

…she was my first born! She was the one that made me question who I was. She made me want to be more than I was! I can see so much of myself in her..outgoing..competitive..looking for adventure! I loved the days on the farm..coaching her in junior league baseball! She lives life to the fullest! The same thing my Dad showed me! Happy birthday Sarah! Love Dad

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