During The La Brisa Retreat, we scheduled numerous shoots so that we could practice with new equipment and techniques and critique each others’ communication while shooting. Kira wrote an amazing blog post of her experience and her words are more powerful than anything that I could ever write…

Give your family, yourself even, more than a stack of forgotten moments. There’s something unique in every single human face. Our faces tell a story and offer a peek into our oceanic self. See yourself through the eyes of someone who cares enough to capture your authentic portrait that’s seen by others around you.

Do yourself a favor and please read her entire blog post here – The Unexpected Chronicled “The Photographs”

Thank you again so much for trusting us with your Joy Session! Our approach to family photography will be forever affected thanks to meeting your family and witnessing your story.

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A few images by Sarah140208_FB_001140208_FB_002140208_FB_005140208_FB_006140208_FB_007140208_FB_008140208_FB_010


A few images by Autumn20140208_fb_00120140208_fb_00320140208_fb_00420140208_fb_00520140208_fb_00620140208_fb_00720140208_fb_009