During The La Brisa Retreat, we scheduled numerous shoots so that we could practice new equipment and techniques and critique each others’ communication while shooting. Tara and Stephen not only were incredibly helpful with their feedback to us, but they were so much fun to photograph! They are super fun and trusting and obviously, gorgeous. Autumn, Sarah and I chatted about how their children are going to have the most beautiful eyes ever.

Thank you again so much for trusting us with your Attraction Session! Congratulations on your engagement and we wish you the very best with the planning for your upcoming wedding!

South Mountain Park – Phoenix, AZ

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A few images by Sarah140206_FB_002 140206_FB_003 140206_FB_004 140206_FB_006

A few images by Autumn20140206_FB_002 20140206_FB_007 20140206_FB_009 20140206_FB_013 20140206_FB_014 20140206_FB_015 20140206_FB_018