Last month, while I was in Manhattan, KS for Meredith and Caleb’s phenomenal wedding, I had the opportunity to meet up with several photographers and friends from the La Brisa Aspiring Photographer Workshop group that we host on facebook. We went to our favorite restaurant, Harry’s, and we absolutely love Harry’s because of their phenomenal service, food and drink menu! If you are in the midwest, Harry’s should definitely be a point of interest because it is delicious! Thanks to everyone who attended and I am excited for the next APW Social!!

The APW FB group includes photographers of all experience levels from across the country and abroad! If you’re interested in finding out more info about photography related trends, tips, critiques, etc, please request to join the Aspiring Photographer Workshop (APW) group by clicking HERE.  And then send a FB message to Chris ( about your request. =)

Two rules of the group:

1) be kind. negative/unhelpful comments will be deleted.
2) be willing to share resources/experience/etc with everyone else!

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