Click play to see Autumn share about Courtney and Logan’s incredible wedding!

A huge thank you to Courtney for this amazing review of her La Brisa experience!

Hire La Brisa to photograph you! I was just married and had Autumn as my photographer and cannot say enough good things about her or La Brisa. Not only were the photographs she took beyond beautiful, they were also unique and artistic, something that I really wanted. We all know things can go wrong on your wedding day, but I was lucky enough to have Autumn as my photographer and I was confident that I had nothing to worry about with the images she was capturing of the one of the most important days of my life. Not only did she spend over 13 hours photographing every moment that happened that day, she went above and beyond her call of duty, she made sure I was comfortable on such a hot June day, carrying a water bottle for me and fanning the skirt of my gown in between shots to cool me down. She was also very particular in making sure I got every image I wanted. I couldn’t be more pleased with Autumn and her work. I highly recommend her and La Brisa!

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