The wifey, Brisa, and I traveled to Seattle so that she could take the exam to become a board certified Internal Medicine specialist. To say the time leading up to the test were stressful would be the largest understatement ever. Nonetheless, with sheer perseverance and dedication, she took an exam where earning a 55% is considered a passing grade (stupid, right?). With the testing over, it was time to celebrate and relax in what seemed like the most gorgeous week of weather in Seattle ever.

We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.
We ate a TON of seafood.
We hung out with awesome friends from across the globe.
We saw Seattle high schoolers celebrate prom at the aquarium. How cool is that?
We said hello to baby killer whales and their parents.
We played Texas Hold’em and bet with Peachy O’s and gummy bears (I lost due to eating my money).
We participated in the touristy Seattle stuff.
We witnessed the kindness and generosity of the city, often.
We walked. A lot.
We, ultimately, had a blast and loved every minute of our post-test time in Seattle.

Seattle is quite a treasure in the Pacific Northwest. And I cannot wait to go back!

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