On Brisa and my sixth year wedding anniversary, Brisa and I are celebrating by not celebrating at all. She is currently in day one of a two day board certification exam for internal medicine and so our celebrations have been placed on hold for just a bit. BUT, love always prevails.

Brisa, to you, I give my commitment, support and encouragement. I thank God for furthering our lives and our relationship to the point where we can make this sacred covenant. I am eager to celebrate marriage together, to serve together, to have a family together, to grow old together and ultimately to walk together in eternity. Brisa, to you, I promise to always believe in you, dream with you and love you unconditionally for the rest of my life.

Six years into this amazing commitment called marriage, and we are just getting comfortable for the long haul. Honestly, we often feel as if we are still newlyweds. And I know what we have together is incredibly rare and for that I am ridiculously grateful. Now that we are moving to Tucson (NEXT MONTH!), we are embarking on the newest stretch of our journey and I am super excited for what happens next.

We built our marriage on faith and we continue to live by it.

Six years later and we are better than ever.