So… i have a new dog! (“i” being autumn). her name is sydney. she’s been with us a couple of months now. the first night i brought her home, she attacked penelope– right to the throat. i thought for sure she was going to kill her. i didn’t know what to do…. so i just had a few meltdowns about it… sydney voluntarily spent a lot of time in her kennel….

the rescue i got sydney from encouraged me to speak with a behaviorist, after much debate, and conversation, we decided to stick it out. sydney is a work in progress- we are still learning what to expect from each other. but have made so very much progress! and there is no fear of a repeat performance from that first night. she is without doubt, the clumsiest dog i’ve ever seen in my life…. but she is also SO happy, all the time. and loves people- and also loves penelope. they are totally going to be besties for life….

i’ll just warn you to brace yourself if you ever meet in real life. sydney thinks it’s totally normal to “stop” herself by crashing into your knees. her “happy” tail is a bit deadly, and she can’t control her licker.

but we love her. presenting; sydney-potamus

also- a giant thank you to Brisa Hsieh– for all her talk, patience and assistance with my pups in the last couple months 🙂

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