Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to wedding month on the La Brisa blog! We are going to catch up on as many 2012 weddings as we can this month! So prepare your eyeballs for some gorgeous weddings!

Pamela and Tom’s wedding was phenomenal. Seriously. Their day was phenomenally hot. Like fry an egg on the sidewalk hot. Nonetheless, Pamela and Tom were completely oblivious to the elements. They were so focused on each other throughout the day that nothing else mattered. And THAT was phenomenal. They were married at First Lutheran Church and held their super fun reception at The Wareham! Thank you again so much for trusting La Brisa Photography to photograph your incredible day!

You can view more of their images on the La Brisa Photography Facebook page by going to Pamela & Tom | Manhattan, KS | Chris & autumn!

One of my favorite wedding candid images ever. Dancing while cleaning = genius!

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