Holy 2012. Last year was a record setting year for La Brisa. We celebrated a lot of success in this past year as well as issued a lot of apologies (My Apologies) for not being able to keep up with that success. Thank you again so much to all of our amazing clients, our unrelenting supporters and to all of our families for helping and encouraging autumn, b and me to continue to do what we absolutely love.

In the past year, La Brisa has grown to a three-photographer operation when we welcomed autumn shoemaker to the team! And she has done an absolutely incredible job of developing her photography skills and embracing the La Brisa experience for our clients. She has been a phenomenal find and I do not know where La Brisa would be without her! 2012 has also seen the maturation of b’s creativity and execution in her photography. We offered a limited number of weddings by b in order to maximize her time and energy and she did exceptionally well! Now, after her move to Hawaii, she is excited to tackle a full complement of weddings in 2013!

b and I finished our first ever 52 Weeks of Awesomeness! Now, we are almost midway through our 52 Weeks of Awesomeness RELOADED! If you are looking for a fun weekly photography project, we would love for you to join us!

I was able to cross off a few more states from my goal of photographing a wedding in every state by 2015! So far, I have photographed a wedding in 17 states and I am excited to cross off a few more in 2013 (Colorado, Florida and Tennessee)! Hopefully, I can a few more states in 2013! If you are getting married in a state still on my list, please contact me because I offer special wedding collections for you! =)

La Brisa’s motto for 2013 is NO REGRETS. We want to approach this year with a newly dedicated focus on doing everything better than last year. From our interactions with clients to our continued photography education to our social media presence and everything in between, we will strive for doing everything with NO REGRETS. We will be making significant changes in 2013 with the primary motivation of a better La Brisa client experience.

2012 by the numbers for La Brisa Photography

$3,224.60 = amount that was donated to Janet Aiko Sekiguchi Foundation, KO Boxing and Hope for Alison through Photography for a Cause!
48,659 total visits to the La Brisa website, blog and client site
250,017 total page views of my website, blog and client site
97 countries visited the website, blog or client site
4,913 Facebook fans – www.facebook.com/labrisaphotography
26 Weddings by Chris (Kansas, California, Texas, Iowa, Texas, Massachusetts, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, Kansas, Kansas, Kansas, Kansas, Kansas, Kansas, California, California, Nebraska, Texas, Arizona, South Carolina, Kansas, California, Missouri, and Texas)
8 Weddings by b (Nebraska, Kansas, Nebraska, Kansas, Nebraska, Kansas, Kansas, Kansas)
Aspiring Photographer Workshops (APW) attended by 43 photographers in California, Kansas and Nebraska
Here is my favorite portrait by b in 2012
Here is my favorite portrait by autumn in 2012
Here is my favorite portrait of 2012

We are selling our 2013 La Brisa Calendar of Awesomeness! All of the images were created by autumn, b and myself and 100% of the profits will be donated to an amazing non-profit organization! The 11″x17″ calendar is $32.50 and you can purchase it HERE! Thank you so much for helping us, help others!