A little over a month ago, I traveled to New Orleans with the wifey so that she could take one of the three biggest veterinary related exams of her life. She was a bit nervous and anxious to say the least, but we arrived several days early to get accustomed to everything. I had only been in New Orleans one other time in my life and so I was super excited about the opportunity to explore the city. Well that did not happen at all because of work that I needed to finish up.

After Brisa’s exam, we spent several more days for her veterinary conference and it was super fun seeing all of her old friends from veterinary school at Kansas State University and from her internship at VERG in Brooklyn. In true photographer form, I brought along my camera for our dining and evening activities and just wanted to share a few images with you!

~ Chris

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I could not quite beat the 2 second timer…user error.
Charbroiled Oysters from Dragos! One of the best things that I have ever eaten.
Walking from the hotel to her test and Brisa studied the entire way…
BBQ Shrimp from Pascal’s Manale

My former roommate in Manhattan, KS and one of Brisa’s best friends, Jocelyn!

The afternoon after we went out, I may have been a little bit out of it as I walked a ½ mile to meet up with Brisa for lunch and apparently my shirt had flipped inside out on me without notifying me. Whoops.
We ate a ridiculous amount of raw oysters while in New Orleans. Legitimately ridiculous.
Dueling pianos at Pat O’Briens!
I love us!
There may or may not have been some karaoking…
…on and off the stage…
Delicious putt pastry fish from Café Arnauds
And these potato fingerlings were amazing!
Brisa’s Brooklyn crew
Sandwich from Mother’s
And a final meal with one of Brisa and Jocelyn’s favorite professors from K-State!