Have you ever met a princess? Like a real life, bow and curtsey with your pinky up, princess?? I can’t say that I have rubbed elbows with the royals but I think I’ve found someone pretty close to it…

I met Alexis while attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and from the first time I met her over 5 years ago I have been enamored by her poise. Like seriously, move over Katewhatshername. Alexis’ classic beauty, her incredible intelligence and grace, and her infectious smile made me want to hire a prince with a white horse so I could watch them ride off into the sunset….oh, wait…that’s kind of what happened. Except Alexis already had her prince and instead of  a white horse and carriage they rode into the sunset in their green ford pickup they use for their produce business, Farm Fresh Produce!

Alexis and Marcus have known each other since grade school and despite my cheesy intro, my message is simple: They are meant for each other.

The entire La Brisa team witnessed Alexis and Marcus’ day.  (Thank you Chris and Autumn!!)

And they lived happily ever after.~ b

Dress Designer – Jim Hjelm
Tuxedo – Tip Top Tux
Bridesmaid Dress Designer – Kerried Away Couture
Reception Venue – Country Club of Lincoln
Cake Designer – Gina Sterns at Dolce Cafe
Hair Stylist – Beth Bellows, Tranquility Salon & Spa
Make Up Artist – Alicia McKelvey
Shoe Designer – Nina
DJ/Band – D*Funk
Caterer – Lorin Dagel with Country Club of Lincoln
Flowers – Lindsey with Petals to Platinum
Programs/Invites – Homemade

Thank you again so much for selecting La Brisa Photography to photograph your incredible day! You can view more images from their wedding on the La Brisa Facebook pageHERE.