For the past 6 weeks, my wife has been studying. Yes, her full time job during that time has been to study for an exam that she takes all day today. My wife is in her 2nd year of her veterinary residency in internal medicine and as part of her progression she needs to take and pass an eight hour multiple choice exam. Brutal, right? I am quite certain that after the first two days of her 6-10 hour studying days, she had already surpassed the amount of studying I have done in a lifetime. Incredible. She is incredible.

Our canine and feline children have LOVED having her at home though because they really like helping her study. 
If you the praying type, I would love for you to pray for my wife today. For her to have the confidence and focus to do her very best today and to reassure her that God has a plan regardless of what happens with this test. Thanks all for the continued love and support! 
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