A warm June morning, at approximately 5:00 AM, was one of the hardest days of my life. Luckily, three of my very best friends were there with me. This was the morning of Mr. Mussack’s first deployment and the morning that I met Mrs. Ashley King for the first time. Her tiny little frame sat up in her big F-150 all by herself. I made the decision right there that I wasn’t going to do this alone and I wasn’t going to let her either. I knocked on the pickup door, she jumped out, we hugged, cried and said goodbye to our husbands, together. Fast-forward almost three years later and we’ve been through another deployment, graduated from K-State and had some pretty drastic life changes. This session celebrates one of those changes. Meet Mr. Bentley King. He’s freakin adorable and I can’t believe I moved to Georgia just after he was born. So many snuggles I am missing out on!!

Thank you again for selecting La Brisa to photograph your Joy Session. I hope that you LOVE your images and we cannot wait to see you again next week!

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