While spending an obscene amount of time in airports last week, I had an opportunity to reflect on my perspective of a photographer. For all of my creative friends, I highly encourage you to critically think about your work for your own growth, improvement and future success.


Shoot Everyday
Purposely shoot on a daily basis. Reinforce the muscle memory of creating photos in different light and in unpredictable situations. Know and understand the strengths and limitations of your process. Thoroughly own your equipment before needing to rely on it.

Be Your Worse Critic
Consistently evaluate your work: personal and professional. Understand what you do well and know your limitations. Challenge yourself to make your weaknesses not so weak and try to expound on your strengths. Look at your previous work and see your growth. Be inspired by your own development. The only thing limiting you from being great is yourself.

Avoid Laziness
Do not allow complacency to define you. If you are not satisfied, do it again, and learn how to be better. As an artist, success comes from inner-satisfaction. Praises and celebrations of your work mean very little unless you can celebrate your own efforts. Be proud of your own work by constantly demanding more of yourself.

Inspire Others
As an artist, one of your greatest gifts is your ability to create a conversation for people with a variety of interests. Showcase your work. Demonstrate how work ethic, dedication and stubbornness can lead to great things. Share your gifts. Be open to people and respond to them with heartfelt intent in order to cultivate genuine relationships.

Purposely leave your comfort zone to seek inspiration. Embark on journeys to the unfamiliar. The enlightening experience of exploration will dramatically affect the honesty, sensitivity and direction of your work.

Exceed Expectations
Your goal is to always exceed your own expectations. Be intensely selfish with your work and you will attract followers who truly appreciate who you are as an artist. Each new opportunity is proof of your own intentional growth.

Aspen, Colorado | March 2012