Happy Friday everyone! I am in my hometown, San Jose, California for the weekend for a few sessions and b has safely arrived in her new home, Augusta, Georgia and so the La Brisa team is probably as far apart as we have ever been! In honor of that, I decided to feature a few of the behind the scenes images from a few of our recent portrait sessions together while we were both in Manhattan, Kansas. Besides the rapport we have when shooting together, one of the benefits of shooting together is taking ridiculous candid images of each other while we work. We started doing this awhile back and we have become more and more into it everytime we shoot!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

You can view more behind the scenes images on our La Brisa Facebook page by heading over to our Purely Ridiculousness Albums – HERE (be sure to check out all 5 of our Ridiculousness albums!).

Special thanks to Autumn of Falling Leaves Photography for several of these images!