Happy November everyone! Super excited to blog a TON of weddings and sessions soon! Also, we will be doing our first ever La Brisa Client Appreciation Contest! =)

For all of you Aspiring Photographers in the Nebraska area, I will be hosting the first ever Nebraska La Brisa APW!

Here are the details:
When: Sunday, November 6th from 10am-12pm
Where: Omaha, NE (exact location TBD)
For Who: Photographers who are interested in learning how to use their cameras better. Invite your friends!
Focus: Photographing a beautiful family of 3 including an adorable 9 month old and finding indoor light
Cost: FREE!
How to sign up: Click HERE to sign up. The first 12 people to completely fill out the form will receive an email with detailed information. Because APWs are free, all I ask is that you are completely committed once you sign up or let me know ASAP so that I can add someone from the waiting list! Thanks!
Questions: send an email to info @ labrisaphotography . com

For those of you interested in seeing what to expect from a La Brisa APW, check out this blog post from our last APW – The Olsen Family | La Brisa APW | Kansas | Chris

And here’s a little Halloween adorableness for your viewing pleasure! =)