Yesterday was exactly what I needed. My fourth of July was a calm, relaxing day by the pool surrounded by family and friends, an incredible dinner and then a firework extravaganza for the ages. Seriously, it was perfect. After staying up for nearly 40 hours over the weekend in order to surprise my wife at her hometown in California, I needed yesterday to be as perfect as yesterday was. Yesterday, I comprehensively celebrated my freedoms and it was incredible.

At the fireworks show, I wanted to incorporate portraits with the colors and movement of the fireworks. I always strive to create something different with my photography and yesterday was a perfect opportunity to try something new. After that, I tried a technique that Rik Andes Photography mentioned HERE. Thanks Rik for sharing because it creates absolutely amazing results and I hope I did your technique justice!

I hope all of you had a fantastic fourth of July weekend and that you celebrated America’s awesomeness and all of those who have sacrificed and are sacrificing their lives and their livelihood to protect our freedoms.

Before the show started, we walked around the fairgrounds and I saw this military transport plane (C-17?) fly overhead and it was perfectly symbolic of the festivities and the celebration.

These are our awesome friends, the Barretts! They were both in our wedding and Chris does all of the amazing design work for La Brisa through his business, Graphic Twist!

This is my sister-in-law, Feliz, and her boyfriend Jeff. Aren’t they cute?

Brisa and me. Yes, we are ridiculously tan. And yes, we are awesome.

Brisa with her best friend, Stephanie, and with her sister, Feliz.

This is how La Brisa does family portraits on July 4th. Boo-ya.

And here are the images of fireworks using Rik’s technique!