Never stop learning. I owe it to my clients and really, to La Brisa, to constantly push myself to progress my skills and knowledge of photography. Well, one of the best ways to challenge yourself is to try different genres of photography. While I was in Manhattan, KS, I asked the phenomenally incredible, Scott Bean Photography, if he’d be interested in going out for some sunrise photographs and he graciously and generously accepted. I really wanted to see how he works, to see what he sees and to see if some of his awesomeness would rub off on me! =)

The biggest thing I learned from Scott on that amazing morning was to look for reflections. Reflections offer depth, foreground beauty to complement the already beautiful background and just a unique dynamic to your landscape images. Moreover, including something in the foreground creates an exponentially more interesting photograph. And those concepts and knowledge is what I will add to La Brisa Photography. Never stop learning.

Scott drove me out to a fantastic spot at Tuttle Creek Lake and we definitely lucked out with a perfectly gorgeous sunrise.

Here’s a behind the scenes view of Scott in action.