The past few weeks have been a bit tough on the Hsieh family. We lost our eldest feline child, Willy, and during our grieving, we noticed how depressed our other cat, Pork Bun, had become with his big brother being gone. So, being who we are, we decided to check out Buster’s Friends yesterday, the organization that I volunteer my photography to from time to time. Well, as predictable as the sun rising in the east, Brisa fell in love with a little guy and seeing them together just melted my heart. I hadn’t seen her face light up like that in months. Seriously. After sitting with him for probably an hour, we decided to add him to our family.

I am very happy and excited to welcome Bauer to the Hsieh family! Yes, he is named after Jack Bauer. During the good seasons of 24, we knew we wanted to name our next child (canine, feline or human), Bauer and I am quite thankful that of the three choices, we have a feline Bauer =) When we found out that he was born on Easter, we just knew, you know?

Brisa and I both sincerely appreciate all of the kind words of blessings and condolences and gifts after losing our beloved Willy. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

He has a little feistiness to him which Brisa immediately love about him!

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