So since moving to Houston in mid July, we’ve already gone through a Costco sized tub of laundry detergent, taken what feels like 5 billion showers, learned to not go outside from 10am-6pm unless absolutely necessary and flash thunderstorms that leave you absolutely drenched occur every afternoon between 12pm-3pm. Of the 8 weekends that we’ve lived in Houston, I’ve been gone for 6 of them for weddings. Crazy, right? Remind me to never move again during the wedding season!
Well, while I’ve been in and out of Houston, my lovely wife has fallen in love with another male of the four legged variety and his name is Elvis. So, we now have a new addition to our family who will live and keep Brisa company at work where she makes a comfortable little second home (she’s probably there more than she’s at home…seriously).
I just wanted to take the time to show off the newest Hsieh who, in keeping line with the rest of our children, is full of personality and has a very healthy appetite!
And in true Hsieh form, he’s all about the food!