I have the most gorgeous friends. I mean it. I can prove it.

Julianne is one of my very best friends and with the announcement of her engagement in February, I received additionally amazing news…she wanted ME to capture the love she shared with her husband-to-be! Of course, I obliged and met the couple at my old stomping grounds in Lincoln, NE!

We started off at the state capitol building where Lonnie had proposed and followed up in a park Annie had claimed over a year ago for her “engagement session location”…yes, over a year ago when they had barely started dating!! Finally, we ended up in the Haymarket in downtown Lincoln. The locations were perfect representations of the star city and theirĀ flirtatiousĀ nature and classic good looks were featured in every photo! I just love it. Like. A lot.

I had the chance to combine a sorority presisent with a Marine captain…and we made MAGIC HAPPEN!! Thank you Annie and Lonnie, I can’t freaking wait to watch your love grow!!

See you in August, Lovebirds!

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