The weather forecast was 98 degrees with a chance of severe thunderstorms: meaning, just another day in Kansas. I talked to Tricia before the shoot to see if she wanted to reschedule, but she was super pumped for the shoot and so we went ahead and met at Top of the World Park as scheduled! And I am glad that we did because the weather wasn’t much of a factor and we had an awesome time! Lauren is ridiculously adorable. Seriously, adorable. You’ll see. I promise! Besides, when you have gorgeous parents like Tricia and John, how can you not have a beautiful child? =)

Thank you so much for having me take your family photos! I hope you will love and cherish the memories! And a special thanks to TOMAgraphy for the help!

Just purchased a new lens, and I love the depth of field that it gives me!

Happy Lauren!

Soooooo Happy!

Moment between mother and daughter

Totally stole this idea from Brandi! =)

Soooo adorably cute, right?

Beautiful parents

Lauren decided to lay down in the tall grass…too cute!

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